Diamond Drilling

Diamond Core drilling is used when precise circular holes are required through brickwork or reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures.
Core hole diameters range from 6mm to 600mm and are required usually for plumbing, electrical or mechanical penetrations to carry pipework, cables or ducting through concrete or brickwork walls, floors or structures.
Diamond Core drilling can be achieved through any thickness and depth maintain the diameter of core required.
All Diamond Core drilling can be carried out dust free and with minimum noise levels. 
Diamond Drilling can be carried out using either electric or hydraulic powerfor drilling in sensitive locations and confined spaces.


Diamond Drilling  Rail


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Floor Sawing

Producing fast cuts through a variety of surfaces. Cutting Concrete Floors, Roads, Pavements and any hard horizontal surface..
Our range of Floor Saws are able to cut to a depth of 525mm. We have diesel powered and 3 phase electric floor saws available.
The electric floor saws are ideally suited for internal cutting works where all fumes can be eliminated.

Diesel powered 37KW
Electric Powered 22KW
Cutting Depth 525mm max

Floor Sawing floor saw pic1 Diesel Floor Sawing 1
Diesel Floor Sawing 2 Diesel Floor Sawing 3 Diesel Floor Sawing 4
Diesel Floor Sawing 5 IMG 0007 IMG 0008


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Track Mounted Wall Sawing

Track sawing is used to cut concrete and/or brickwork walls, floors and ceilings to form door or window openings. This method can also be used in tight restricted areas as all equipment is hand portable. The remote controlled Track sawing equipment is powered by 3 phase electric and therefore has no risk of fumes or Hand Arm Vibration.

During the demolition process track sawing is used to create a divorce cut for remaining structures.

The track is fixed to the structure using bolt and shell fixings and the saw simply travels along the track fully remote controlled.

The track is fixed to the structure in the precise location where the cut is required.

Track saw cutting is a very safe system of working

Electric powered 40Kva
Cutting Depth 740mm max


Floor Sawing floor saw pic1 Track Sawing 1
Track Sawing 2 Track Sawing 3 IMG 2214
IMG 2228    


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Wall Chasing

Chasing is a method of cutting neat channels in concrete or masonry structures. The chase is formed using a hand held electric grinder with diamond blades.
A vacuum collects the dust before it escapes into the surrounding evironment. Two slots are cut to a precise width and depth and the concrete / masonry is removed using a hammer drill or small breaker.
The technique is quick and relatively dust free and is used to cut chases for conduits and pipework in walls, floors and ceilings. It is suitable for all types of brickwork and blockwork.

Floor Sawing floor saw pic1


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Diamond Ring Sawing

A hand held saw similar in style to a large angle grinder with the capability to cut to a depth 270mm.
This equipment is used for cutting through structures to creating openings. It's a very versitile way of cutting, ideal for confined or limited space work where openings are to be formed.
The diamond ring saw comes with several power options - 3 phase hydro electric or petrol driven hydraulic power pack.


ring sawing1



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