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    Diamond Drilling

    Diamond drilling is a quiet, non percussive way of forming precision holes and slots in concrete or brickwork.
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    Floor Sawing

    Producing fast cuts through a variety of surfaces.
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    Wall Chasing

    Chasing is a method of cutting neat channels in concrete or masonry structures.
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    Diamond Wire Sawing

    Wire sawing involves pre drilling holes at the end of the proposed cuts through which the diamond wire is then fed and tensioned. Using a series of pulleys the wire is then pulled through the concrete.
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    Robotic Demolition

    The Brokk 90 provides the ultimate solution for demolition in confined spaces.


Diamond drilling is a quiet, non percussive way of forming precision holes and slots. Openings can be drilled through all types of reinforced concrete and brickwork for plumbing and electrical installations. This is also an effective method of creating holes for the installation of pipes and cables, anchoring bolts and load carrying devices. Water and dust control can be used to maintain a clean environment. Machines can be operated in horizontal, vertical and inverted positions for use in confined spaces.

Drill motors vary in size dependent on the diameter and length of the hole to be drilled.

All NML DIAMOND DRILLING LTD operatives are issued with appropriate PPE.

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