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    Diamond Drilling

    Diamond drilling is a quiet, non percussive way of forming precision holes and slots in concrete or brickwork.
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    Floor Sawing

    Producing fast cuts through a variety of surfaces.
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    Wall Chasing

    Chasing is a method of cutting neat channels in concrete or masonry structures.
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    Diamond Wire Sawing

    Wire sawing involves pre drilling holes at the end of the proposed cuts through which the diamond wire is then fed and tensioned. Using a series of pulleys the wire is then pulled through the concrete.
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    Robotic Demolition

    The Brokk 90 provides the ultimate solution for demolition in confined spaces.


NU-HEAT undertake all aspects of plumbing services in both the domestic home and commercial business sectors, from repairing a leaky tap to the installation of a new boiler, bathroom or shower room.

Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of domestic or commercial plumbing services including: • Burst & leaking pipes Radiators & water tanks  Toilets, taps, sinks & showers  Overflows  Hot water problems Pump Repairs / Installations All drainage problems



Call us now on 01670 815792 for further advice and discuss your plumbing needs.

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