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    Diamond Drilling

    Diamond drilling is a quiet, non percussive way of forming precision holes and slots in concrete or brickwork.
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    Floor Sawing

    Producing fast cuts through a variety of surfaces.
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    Wall Chasing

    Chasing is a method of cutting neat channels in concrete or masonry structures.
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    Diamond Wire Sawing

    Wire sawing involves pre drilling holes at the end of the proposed cuts through which the diamond wire is then fed and tensioned. Using a series of pulleys the wire is then pulled through the concrete.
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    Robotic Demolition

    The Brokk 90 provides the ultimate solution for demolition in confined spaces.


Designed to help householders and businesses increase the energy efficiency of properties across the UK, the Green Deal removes many of the barriers faced by householders and businesses wishing to install energy efficiency measures. By making investments possible at no upfront cost (repaid through energy bills) it increases the incentive for owners, occupiers, tenants and landlords to take action.

The Green Deal helps you make energy-saving home improvements, like installing a biomass, solar thermal or solar pv system . This scheme lets you pay for some or all of the improvements over time on your energy bills. Repayments will be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs.

Quick guides on the Green Deal are available below for householders, owners, tenants and landlords.

Introduction to the Green Deal

The Green Deal - a new way to pay for home improvements, highlights some ways you could improve your home and how to get a Green Deal.


Green Deal for residential landlords

You can also get a Green Deal for residential properties that are rented – but both the landlord and tenant must give permission.


Green Deal for social housing tenants

As a social housing tenant you can take advantage of the Green Deal too, with your landlord’s permission.


Green Deal for social housing providers

Social housing providers can participate in the Green Deal and help to improve housing stock for their tenants.


The Green Deal assessment

The Green Deal starts with an impartial assessment of your property. A Green Deal Assessor will come to your home, talk to you about your energy use and see if you could benefit from making energy efficiency improvements to your home. Don’t forget to look out for the Green Deal Approved quality mark. Only approved Assessors can use the mark and operate under the Green Deal.


Moving into a home with a Green Deal

A home with a Green Deal has had energy-saving improvements, like a boiler or improved insulation, to help make it more energy efficient. If you are moving into a home with a Green Deal the owner or landlord must provide you with relevant information. As the new occupier of the home you’ll need to make repayments for the improvements through the electricity bill.


Energy Company Obligation

Some householders in older properties, and those on benefits or low incomes may qualify for extra financial assistance through the Energy Company Obligation. This is a new scheme, funded by energy suppliers, to help reduce Britain’s energy consumption. The quick guide on the Energy Company Obligation provides you with more information tells you how you can find out if you may be eligible.


Consumer Protection

Your consumer rights and protection have been considered at every stage of the Green Deal. You can get free and impartial advice about the Green Deal through the Energy Saving Advice Service. Green Deals are also regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


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